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Born on a dairy farm in the Woodford area of Queensland John McSweeney never imagined that one day his music would be sold not only in Australia and New Zealand but also right throughout the United Kingdom and now in the United states of America where John has recently released his third "100 Songs You Know By Heart" Volume 3.

John McSweeney has always had a love for the great songs that were written back in the 30's, 40's & 50's so he made the decision back in the late 80's to put together medleys of all the great standards that people could sing along with either at a party or in the car travelling. So John recorded 50 songs in medleys then another 50 and due to the success of that first recording he has now recorded 4 volumes with 8 CD's that contain over 450 songs.

In the late 90's John decided it was time to try to have his music released in other countries and his first trip was to the United Kingdom where the first record company he approached signed John up on the spot and as a result he has sold well in excess of 500 thousand copies of his sing along music.

Next stop was the U.S.A where he went to new York which John admits was a little harder to gain a contract but after a couple of visits he signed with the biggest music catalogue company in the U.S.A where his third volume was recently released and he has started receiving letters from all over the U.S.A with comments that they love his voice and it was great to hear the old songs that they grew up with once again.

Due to the success of his music in the American catalogue his record company have now decided to advertise his Volume1 "100 Songs You Know By Heart" on television which is not bad for a young fellow who grew up on a dairy farm in Queensland.

John McSweeney has now made his music available and you can order direct from John with his personal money back guarantee that if you don't like the double CD's you can send it back to John and he will refund your money. Click here to see or order John's available CD's and DVD's